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Your beloved items, are valuable items, not just because of its price, but most often it comes with priceless memories.

Over in Dr. LeatherSpa, we feel hat in order to deliver quality work with great consistency, our work processes and commitment to quality is important. From the time you hand over you priceless possessions, your items go through a meticulous process that ensures  that it be being properly processed and delivered with quality assurance.

That is why Dr. LeatherSpa’s CEO was awarded the rising sta in the McmillanWoods Global Awards.

We Deliver What We promise

3 promises

3 Promises

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will refund your money if you feel that you are not satisfied with our work.

6 Months Warranty

We use the quality materials sourced from around the globe. Hence we warranty all our work.
3 promises

1 Mil Protection

Your items sent to us are protected. Any items that is within our premises are protected against loss or damage.

Our Services

Bio Cleaning / Bag Spa

The Bio Cleaning Service is a complete cleaning service to remove dust, stain and odour from your leather items. Thereafter, they will undergo a leather treatment, conditioning and polish to make it look prestine.



Colour Restore

The Colour Restoration service is a service to restore the colour of your leather items, so that the worn paint coat will be replaced with a brand new coat of paint. All full colour restoration will be finished of with the bio cleaning or bag spa.





All sorts of repair, from broken handles, strap holder, zip and piping can be repaired or be replaced with new ones so that your leather items can function as normal. Other services is like coating removal and peel removal is also available so that your leather items will function perfectly.


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