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Your Only Trusted Leather Doctor


Our goal is to be the trusted place to go for all your leather cleaning, restoration and repair needs for your leather items such as handbags, wallets, shoes, etc. Best rated leather spa in Google. 

The tagline “Your Only Trusted Leather Doctor” is what we strive to be, and we make it our mission to ensure That our  trustworthiness is the core of everything that we do.
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Our Promises

What our customers say

Our Story


Yee Von had a collection of handbags and wallets back then in the 2000 and she had problems upkeeping them. 


The colour faded off, got dirty after considerable usage, and many parts of the bags needed repair.


Trust was always an issue because these bags costs so much and it has so much great memories with these bags. 


Hence, we decided to start Dr. LeatherSpa in 2011. Since then, we have been striving to be your only trusted leather doctor.

Work Samples

At Dr LeatherSpa, we have a committed and dedicated team with over 10 years experience offering the most complete services to ensure we get the best out of your leather items.


Cleaning Services for all types of leather. Choose from bio cleaning, quick cleaning and vachetta cleaning.


A full colour makeover so that your leather looks like new


This service is to ensure that all edges and piping are restored to its original conditions


Repair parts which enables one to prolong the lifetime of the item and more enjoyable usage experience

Why Choose Us?

One of the reasons so many customers has trusted us over the years is because we choose quality over quantity. Our team of people gives us the edge over our competitors.

Expert Leather Technicians

Our technicians has gone through thorough trainings in order to perform to the most professional levels

Experience & Know how

Over 10 years experience in handling all sorts of leather items, which allows us to solve various leather issues.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for our Service

Our 3 promises that allows you to have a piece of mind when sending your beloved items to us

Trusted Work

We Strive to be the Only Trusted Leather Doctor in the Industry, with our meticulous attention to details.

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